Every Pet Parent has experienced the unconditional love of those uncontrollable tail wags when you get home and that surprise sloppy good morning kiss when you wake up or the calming vibrations of a gentle purr or that tickling sensation of soft whiskers...
As much as we want them to, our beloved pets unfortunately don't live forever and we never have enough time with them.
By booking a session with The Transplanted Cowgirl, you'll be able to hold treasured moments of your pet for years to come.


For the Ones with 4 Paws and Unconditional Love

Natural Light Pet Sessions

Let your pup take the spotlight with a natural light pet session! Whether you want photos with your furbaby, fun action shots or just some updated pics, The Transplanted Cowgirl can make it happen!

The power of paws!

Specialty Pet Sessions

Specialty Pet Sessions are the perfect session for those wanting dramatic pet photos or wanting to include your furfamily in your biggest life moments!

Plan your Pawfect Session Today!

Studio Pet Sessions

Get ready for Paws and Personality! Studio sessions are perfect for any pet parent or furfamily! You also have the benefit of not having to worry about the weather. Nothing like classy photos with an elegant touch to show off in your own home!

Are you ready for the Puparazzi?


So, you've booked your session and now you're wondering what your experience is going to look like. If you're feeling self-conscious, worrying about what to wear, will your dog behave, how will you pose?
I COMPLETELY understand, but don't worry! I've got you covered!

Stick with me and my direction and you will end your session feeling like a KING or QUEEN, while you and your dog look like ROCKSTARS!

Get the 411 on what to expect & tips to prepare for your session The Transplanted Cowgirl way!


“Until one as loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened”