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Hi! My name is April Lizzy!
"Planting seeds with the heart of Christ through the vison of a cowgirl."
  • The Transplanted Cowgirl

Let me tell you a little bit about me...

From a very young age I have always had an interest in the creative field and animals. From the brush strokes on a canvas to the other side of a camera lens. No matter what, you'd find me doing something artsy or hanging out with the 4-legged critters.

I grew up with dogs of all shapes and sizes. When I turned 10, I specifically remember my first dog, Magnum. A Heinz 57 rescue mutt and he was the absolute BEST dog anyone could've asked for. Although I loved my boy, living in Montana on acres of empty pastures caused my heart to feel exactly how they looked, empty... There was a thirst inside me that I not just wanted but needed to quench, and that was horses and nothing short of that would do.

At 12 years old after working through the summer I got the surprise of a lifetime. My dreams FINALLY came to life in the form of tall, dark and handsome! A beautiful 16hh tricolor painted drum gelding called Major, and he was all MINE.

Major, Magnum and I did everything together and this is when my experience with horsemanship and canine training truly took way. With competitions and 4-H, I gained a substantial amount of experience and knowledge when it came to dogs and horses. During the following years I even started working for a retired veterinarian which increased my knowledge and skillset.

I was not your typical girl growing up. I was never really into dress up or barbie dolls. Of course, as I got older, I did enjoy wearing nice stuff to go out in and even slabbed on light make up.

But...those who knew me well, knew I was happy with some boots, a saddled horse and a fishing pole. When I think back, I can still remember hearing everyone say how they always knew where to find me, which was of course at the barn. Whether it was messing with the horses, reading a book, working on some art project, or even doing my homework, the barn is where you'd find me.

What else would you expect from a sassy, horse crazy girl? The barn was where my treasures lived so naturally that is where I wanted to be and where most of my inspiration came from.

When my 14th birthday rolled around, I was gifted my very first camera and I quickly made work of it. I started taking photos of anything and everything. From the scenery to my friends and family, you name it!

But where my TRUE PASSION and TALENT really came through in waves were photographing animals!

Now almost 20 years later, I am a successful businesswoman, renowned professional photographer, artist and equestrian doing what I love every single day! The way I am able to bring expressions and personality to life is truly amazing and I am so thankful for the gifts God has blessed me with!

I cannot wait to share my passion with you!